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Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, Fringe Flow helps you stay organized and productive with your tasks. Track your progress, collaborate with others, and get things done from anywhere and never miss a thing!


Collaborate effortlessly

Fringe Flow is the app that lets you collaborate with anyone, anywhere, and anytime. You can create, share, and sync your tasks online, and work together on your projects and goals. Fringe Flow is more than just a task list app, it’s a way to revolutionize your ‘to-do’s’ and connect and communicate with your team in a new way.


Enjoy the simplicity of our group task list app


Transform your tasks

Fringe Flow is the best online to do list app to transform your tasks into clear and actionable steps that you can easily follow, over and over again, with better results. By breaking down your big goals into smaller and manageable chunks, you make them more achievable.


Organize your tasks

Digitalize and organize your procedures to help you sort out all your processes in a structured way. Making them accessible to your team, easy to use and ensuring they are followed.


Power up your tasks

Tap into the great potential of your tasks with our automation tool. Make the customization you need on a task level to create, reuse and rethink your powerful processes.

Stay organized with Fringe Flow

A simple task list app is the ultimate solution for organizing your tasks and seeing the big picture. Fringe Flow allows you to break down complex tasks into smaller steps, and tick them off as you go. And then make them do so much more!


Integration is innovation

With Fringe Flow, you can connect your checklists to the tools and platforms you use every day, such as email, calendar, CRM, and more. You can also share your checklists with others and collaborate on them in real-time. Whether you need to set up a process via multiple devices, programs or just simply follow your group task list, Fringe Flow helps you get things done faster and easier.
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Use an online to do list app to:

Achieve More with Less

Fringe Flow lets you create and manage your checklists with ease, saving you time and hassle. You can access your checklists from any device, and use them whenever you need them.

Follow Best Practices and Standards

With our simple task list app, you can ensure that you and your team adhere to the quality and consistency requirements for your tasks and projects. Fringe Flow also makes it easier for you to track and evaluate your performance, and find ways to improve it.

Work Better Together

Share your checklists with others, and collaborate on them in real time. You can assign roles and tasks, set deadlines, and monitor the progress and status of your work.

Optimize Your Workflows

Get notified and reminded of your tasks, and complete them on time. Fringe Flow helps you automate and simplify your processes, and eliminate any unnecessary steps and delays.

Stay Compliant and Accountable

Fringe Flow gives you a complete and accurate record of your work, which you can use to demonstrate your compliance, accountability, and quality.

Grow and Learn

Review and reflect on your work, and learn from it. Fringe Flow helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and expand your skills and knowledge from data you collect real-time while doing your checklist.

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Sometime it is easier to show than read, we want to know you and your problems, we are sure that we can help you reach your goals when it comes to process management and understanding. Try our online to do list app for free!