Transform your business with low-code automation

It’s your turn to be in control over systems. Set up procedures, get instant progress feedback and expand, all with the help of Fringe Flow, all in real time.


Seamlessly manage operations with automation


Connect apps

Fringe Flow establishes seamless connections with any system using our strong APIs. Send information or create content from other systems. We don’t just create data we can re-use others as well to enchance your productivity and efficency


Save time

Fringe Flow users, on average, save approximately 45 minutes after every completed operation thanks to automating reporting. Making sure they can focus on operations and not administration.


Move faster

Use the real time information created during operations to always make decisions based on the latest data

Accountability when needed

Create accountability and make it easy to make sure operations are done by the correct person at the correct time
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Here are some key features

  • Data collection
  • Use the Flow application to run procedures and create real time data.

  • Integrations
  • Use the information gathered and integrate internally or to your favorite third party application.

  • Collaboration
  • Work together and see progress in real time.

  • Automations
  • Reuse what you have created and combine data with automations.

  • Template Creator
  • Create, manage and improve your procedures.

  • Reports and Analytics
  • Create reports of completed operations and analyze their use over time.


Tackle recurring work in a new way

Real-time data capture

Making it easy for you to capture data as it happens during operations.

Quality data

Fringe Flow places equal emphasis on both features and data quality, with a focus on reusability.

EDGE capabilities

Run your flows in the cloud, low-connectivity environments, and locally on EDGE.

Understand, use and improve your procedures

A powerful tool for operating in any environment.

Always use the correct version

No more checking revisions, the correct version is always the one in use by your team.

Speed up your true digitalization

Digitalize faster by adding real time data collection to your procedures.

This is how Magnus Gottberg is using our software

“Having the checklists on screens instead of paper enables a new level of transparency when it comes to operational procedures. We no longer ask about checklist progress, instead we direct attention based on them, increasing situational awarenes.”
Magnus Gottberg

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Sometime it is easier to show than read, we want to know you and your problems, we are sure that we can help you reach your goals when it comes to process management and understanding