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By using this website, you accept and agree that Maranics AB (“Maranics”) saves cookies on your computer, phone or tablet. Maranics uses cookies and similar technologies on this website to improve your experience and simplify and adapt Maranics’ services.

Some cookies are necessary for crucial functionality on this website, and as such do not require consent. For more information on which cookies require consent and what applies with respect to cookies and similar technologies, please visit the Swedish post and telecom authority’s website.

The use of cookies is regulated in chapter 6, section 18 in the act (2003:389) on electronic communication. In cases where Maranics processes personal data, for example imp addresses, through the use of cookies, the data protection legislation will also apply.

Any changes in information management are presented by updating the policy on Maranics’ website.


Cookies are text files with information retrieved or stored on the user’s computer or on another device used for visits to this website. These are placed by Maranics or by one of Maranics’ partners and saved on your unit.

Cookies are used to make this website work more efficiently or to provide information about how the site is used.


Maranics use different types of cookies:

Session cookies are temporary cookies that are deleted when you close your browser or app. Maranics use session cookies, among other things, to determine which language you have chosen as a user.

Permanent cookies are cookies that remain on your computer until you delete them or they expire. How long a permanent cookie is stored depends on the lifetime of the specific cookie and on your browser settings.

First-party cookies are cookies placed by Maranics on the website that you visit.

Third-party cookies are cookies placed by someone other than Maranics. Such cookies can be used by third parties to map your browsing patterns between different websites or to view your web history, for example to keep statistics.


Maranics uses cookies for several purposes. The cookies Maranics use normally improve your use of the website. Some of the features require cookies to function while others only improve the user experience.

Necessary cookies are necessary to be able to offer Maranics’ basic services, for example if you want to use the function to upload a work application to us.

Analysis cookies provide comprehensive information regarding your use of Maranics’ services. Maranics use these cookies to improve the user experience when you visit Maranics’ website.

Function cookies enable Maranics to save settings that you make, such as a language setting, or to save information in completed forms. The purpose of these cookies is to make it as easy as possible to use Maranics’ website.

Security cookies make Maranics’ services and your data safe and secure by helping Maranics detect fraud and protect your data. These cookies are an important part of Maranics’ services.


You can change your browser settings regarding the use of cookies and delete previously placed cookies from your browser. In most browsers, cookies are enabled by default. However, it is possible to change your browser settings to disable cookies and prevent storage of cookies on your device. Furthermore, you can activate a setting that indicates when a website requests storage of cookies. Please refer to your browser provider for more information.

Parts of the functionality on this website can be affected if you change your cookie settings, for example if you block or delete cookies.


If Maranics process your personal data through Maranics’ use of cookies, such as information about your IP address, you as a user have certain rights. For example, you can request information about which personal data Maranics processes.

If you believe that Maranics has processed your personal data incorrectly, you also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Swedish data protection authority.

For more information about your rights regarding the processing of personal data, please refer to Privacy policy.


Maranics may change the content of this policy. Changes are announced by updating the policy on this website.