About us

Fringe Flow was born from our dream to revolutionize checklists, when we’ve had enough of decision-making based on bad data. We at Maranics AB first applied our innovative approach in 2018 in the maritime industry, where our core team comes from. That’s where we decided to create Fringe Flow.
Fighting for good processes
So many good processes were hidden behind paper mountains! Teams disappointed in seemingly useless instructions, people making mistakes that could be easily avoidable and were already covered in the processes. Of course, management cared. They revised the proposed processes, trained their staff again and again. But the end result? More complex instructions in the same old format and the crew gets even more paper to carry around and get lost in. We saw this as a vicious cycle that never got broken.

Reinventing checklists

We zoomed out to see a bigger picture. We developed a product that reimagined the way things get done. It wasn’t enough anymore to pass down processes developed from someone not involved in the process completion in the first place. The solution was to ditch the paper so that focus can be on the process again, and not the work of making it available and compliant.

But there is more to it. We talk about the core change that can expand your horizons. Which is to reinvent the system to make the checklist into a way of real time data creation, communication and integration of the human operations as a part of your digital journey.

How we can help

So, that’s what we do: deliver human process automation. We have an easy and intuitive way of ensuring that established procedures are followed. This neutralizes knowledge fragmentation and increases overall situational awareness for everyone. With our digital processes ready to be integrated to your daily systems and sensor data, we believe you are future-proof for every step in your digitalisation journey.

Integrations are at the heart of our delivery. And all data created using Fringe Flow is reusable. Combined, Fringe Flow makes safety and data collection a part of operations to ensure compliance, high quality data and time saving.

Choose quality
By making procedures transparent, we enable you to focus on continuous improvements of operations, to be up-to-date at all times and truly understand how your processes are run. We combine the best of both humans and machines to make sure safety and compliance becomes a part of operations and not an administrative burden. This reduces accidents both big and small by setting up proactive safety management, reducing fatigue and more. We believe that every business, no matter what industry or what size, deserves to have efficient and effective checklists that way, the way that saves time, money, and resources.
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Contact us to find out how we can help you get started with your digitalization journey. We understand checklists and the importance of the person on the floor, working in operations, and the importance of their knowledge and how to get full value out of their efforts.