Automate and
digitalize old checklists

Low code
Human data
Process management

Our cutting-edge platform automates your procedures, reduces errors, and saves you time and money, so you can focus on what really matters.


Replace checklist with human flows

Real-time data capture

Making it easy for you to capture data as it happens during operations.

Quality data

Fringe Flow places equal emphasis on both features and data quality with a focus on reusability.

EDGE capabilities

Run your flows in the cloud, low connectivity environments, and locally on EDGE.

Understand, use and improve your procedures

A powerful tool for operating in any environment.

Always use the correct version

No more checking revisions, the correct version is always the one in use by your team.

Speed up your true digitalization

Digitalize faster by adding real time data collection to your procedures.

Digitalize your checklist
Explore beyond digitization: Break free from simply creating digital copies of your documents.
Discover the enhanced value of digitalization, where every element contributes to a bigger picture.
Collect and reuse the data you gathered with Fringe Flow.
Actually save time and reduce administration for greater efficiency.
Collect data
Easily execute and collaborate with your team
Easily execute and collaborate with your team around processes in real time. No training is required thanks to the user-friendly interface. The low code concept, easily create and manage flows, automation and build unique solutions.

Use Fringe Flow

  • Maritime
  • Get on top of administration and truly understand the use of onboard checklists. Learn more about how introduction of Fringe Flow have helped improve safety onboard and by doing so ensuring compliance, not the other way around.

  • Healthcare
  • Help your staff to do their best every time. Your team always knows what to do and your latest guidelines are always available every step of the way.

  • Manufacturing
  • Your procedures before, during and after the manufacturing process all matter. Without one, the others fall. Give your team a tool that helps them keep your production running and quality achieved.

  • Custom
  • Don’t see your industry? No worries, let your imagination set the limit. Any procedure out there can be created in Fringe Flow, give it a try and digitalize faster, get a better overview and save work hours.


Digitalization at Full Power


This is how Magnus Gottberg is using our software

“Having the checklists on screens instead of paper enables a new level of transparency when it comes to operational procedures. We no longer ask about checklist progress, instead we direct attention based on them, increasing situational awarenes.”
Magnus Gottberg

Integrations and APIs

The ability to integrate with other systems is essential in today’s business environment. Our platform offers strong APIs and events that make it easy to build your own solutions or integrate with other third-party systems. With our platform, you can seamlessly connect your business operations with other systems, streamlining your workflows and increasing efficiency.
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